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Shawnee Living magazine, a franchise through N2 Publishing, is a monthly social publication for the residents of Shawnee's most well-known neighborhoods (like Amanda Lakes,  Breezewood, Indianbrook and Wildbrook to name a few).

I have met so many amazing people, who welcome me into their home and let us tell their families story. The magazine is all about their families, pets, recipes, travel, kids, and social events. The residents truly love what we do and look forward to getting it every month so they can get to know more neighbors.


We interview businesses in the community to find quality recommendations and partnerships for the magazine. Our residents get the magazine free each month because of our business partners and their support of the Shawnee Living neighborhood. 


Something very important to our residents is giving back to their community. Monthly we work to shine a spotlight on opportunities with non-profits and charities that their neighbors are working with.

  • We have revived a long time Indianbrook luminary tradition and turned it into something much bigger – the Shawnee Luminary Night. Last year we raised almost 3,000 lbs of food and nearly $800 for West Ohio Food Bank.

  • We adopted 76 families from Salvation Army and Christian Corner over the holidays.

  • We launched a Making a Difference Month where every Wednesday in March residents and sponsors volunteered at a local soup kitchen. 

  • These are just a few ways we’re finding a way to build up our community.

Some other benefits of partnering with Shawnee Living:

  • We offer a welcome wagon for new residents to our neighborhoods with a basket filled with goodies from our magazine sponsors and a fresh flower bouquet.

  • We have monthly social events, some smaller and some large, as a way for residents to slow down and take time to get to know their neighbors.


It’s amazing to see what one magazine can do to turn neighborhoods into a community, create leaders who want to get involved and build meaningful relationships.

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About N2 Publishing:

Shawnee Living magazine partners with N2 Publishing to create your local community newsletter. With close to 1000 nationwide publications, N2 Publishing has proven that "print advertising" is far from dead.


In fact, N2 is the 2nd growing private print media company in the US and has made Inc. magazine's Hall of Fame for growth year after year for 6 years in a row. We know what we are doing and are providing business with the best way to market to hard-to-reach affluent residents.

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Our Ideal Business Partner:

My ideal business partner would be someone with a good brand, excellent word of mouth reputation and someone that doesn't just want calls, but wants a higher end job from one of my neighborhoods.


If I'm going to recommend a business to neighbors, I need to know that they'll do good work and be honest

If You're a Business: 

If you're a business looking to work with these residents, give me a call at 419.302.9769. What's unique about this form of advertising, the residents look forward to getting their magazine, read it front to back and some even put it on their coffee table. (That's not a sales gimmick, I hear these exact words every time I meet new neighbors)

If You're a Resident:

If you're a resident and would like to get involved, please reach out to me, we can get together for coffee and get to know each other better! We're always looking for recommendations for families to feature or hear about a business you've had a great experience with. 

We would love to have our help with YOUR neighborhood newsletter. 

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