Let me introduce you to "Let's Connect," a social media group for the Greater Lima region leaders, businesses, entrepreneurs and residents to come together and connect to build a strong community.


What we're all about - I know a guy, you know a gal so Let's Connect the Greater Lima Region with:

  • Recommendations

  • Community information & events

  • Networking

  • Business spotlights & promotions

  • Employment matching

  • Fun interactions with our online community

  • Non-profit awareness

This page is a great platform to come and ask "who do you know..." but if you've noticed, we've evolved into so much more! What's even more exciting, this transition will allow us to grow and enhance our value to our group members through other subgroups...but for now, we'll keep you wondering and waiting for more!
"I love this group! Lots of interaction between small business owners and community professionals, many of whom I never knew about before I joined the group. I have won contests and prizes. I have even hired people to do important jobs, and if it weren't for the group, I would've had no idea how to find someone for those jobs. I cannot recommend the group enough." - Chastity
We hope you’ll come over and join in the conversations. This platform is 100% positive information about the community and that’s how it’s intended to stay. 
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