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remember being younger and wanting to get away from Lima, have adventures and see other places. Taking some time away for college and to explore opportunities with my degree, I really felt Lima calling me home. I thought it was to be with family but I also longed for the chance to run into people I knew while going to the grocery. Sounds kind of silly, but I still love that about Lima. It’s what makes us feel like we belong.


I love helping others see our community, our businesses and people through my eyes. I’m trying to find ways to show there are a ton of amazing things to do in Lima if you know about them.


At the PR queen, we love anything to do with promoting business and community!


It all started with purchasing the Shawnee Living magazine, a franchise through N2 Publishing. I have met so many amazing people, who welcome me into their home and let us tell their families story. The magazine is all about their families, pets, recipes, travel, kids, and social events. The residents truly love what we do and look forward to getting it every month so they can get to know more neighbors.

With everything the magazine was doing to connect people it just seemed like a no brainer to see if we could do that at a larger level, outside of Shawnee.

We are currently one year into a social media group designed for the Greater Lima region leaders, businesses, entrepreneurs and residents to come together and connect to build a stronger community. The page started out as I Know a Guy / a Gal and has recently evolved into Let’s Connect the Greater Lima Region.


We hope you’ll come over and join in the conversations. This platform is 100% positive information about the community and that’s how it’s intended to stay.


One of my greatest passions is event planning. But not just any kind of event planning. The goal really needs to stay focused on promoting business and the community. Have you ever heard any one say there’s nothing to do in Lima? Well they’re wrong.


So, I decided I would start creating the kind of events people were seeking, while helping businesses gain new exposure through our attendance. This of course started with the Shawnee Luminary Night and my magazine social events, but it just wasn’t enough.


I felt myself longing for a downtown hop of some kind and well we all know how that turned out. The Wine, Chocolate and Art Walk was a hit right from the start. Last year we sold out at 350 tickets.


We brought a lot of new faces downtown and kept hearing everyone say what a great event it was. They didn’t know we had all of this downtown. Best of all, the business hosts said it was a successful night, some even had record sales during the event.

My vision was an evening filled with many moving pieces and surprises to delight our ticket holders as they hopped in and out and learned about each shop, local artist displays, musicians and dancers performing on the sidewalks, the trolley and our downtown streets crawling with activity after 5 pm. We are so excited about the future of this event and the potential to expand it into other markets. 

At the PR queen, who knows what we'll think of next! We are always growing, changing and looking for ways to help bring to life the kinds of social connections, events, and contests the community is looking for.